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‘New’ Songs for the Set Please….

“So modern music is dead then. ‘Game show’ music has killed the whole thing off. Simon Cowell has sucked the creativity out of the world’s musical consciousness.” ….. Ah, nearly had you there. Admittedly, it can be an unrewarding endeavour seeking out today’s gems (‘74-‘77 it ain’t) but here goes[…]

Hang the DJ – his tunes aren’t tunes

You hear this expression a lot these days….. “Aw Tune”. Anyone under 30 is likely to say it without irony. The rest of us are sort of mocking youth culture, or worse still, mimicking youth culture – which can appear very naff (there’s a word for the older readers) –[…]

‘Bon’ according to The Cowpat Kickers’ fans

Well it was the Bon Accord again for more alt.country shenanigans from The Cowpat Kickers on Saturday. Usual quirky behaviour was on show  from the lead guitarist who seems to, love it, yet hate it (he leaves the stage from time-to-time as if to cleanse himself of having to playing[…]